Custom Home Process

You have made the decision to have your new home custom built and personalize it to your liking, but where do you start? The following will give you an outline of how North Florida Builders has developed a process to build your custom home how you want it. Having a custom built home takes time and dedication on your behalf, but that is why the team at NFB is here to walk you thru every step of the way.

Discovery Phase

Our initial meeting is a casual meet and greet to get to know one another and speak generally about the home you are wanting, the featurs you desire, your timing and a general budget you have in mind.

Design Phase

With an agreement to move forward after meeting #1, a sketch of your home design will be prepared at no charge and an estimated cost developed based on our discussion. In the instance of building on your lot, we will visit the lot to determine approximate site costs. This information is provided at a second meeting, during which time changes and further enhancements will be discussed, along with new ideas both parties bring to the table for consideration. In the meantime, if you have chosen to finance your home, you will be researching and securing this. We do have a preferred lender, but we will also work with your lender.

Formal Preliminary Plan & Formal Quote Phase

At the conclusion of meeting #2, with both parties agreeing to continue, the sketch will be forwarded to our architect for a preliminary plan to be created, along with a site plan and elevations. A formal quote will be prepared, which will reflect the various specifications and features included in the price of your new home. 

Contract Phase

With approval of this quote, a contract will be prepared and both documents will be executed creating the ‘contract package’, and a deposit is paid for the  architectural drawings to be drawn for your approval. With this approval, we are able to proceed to engineering plans and prepare to submit your home design and exterior selections to the Architectural Review Board for your community (if any). These processes take an average of 4 to 6 weeks.

Meanwhile, if you chose to finance your construction, you are working with those professionals to be ready to close on your construction loan within the next 60 days. During this same time, you will be working with our design representatives in making the selections for the various items, such as tile, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, flooring, paint colors, pavers, light fixtures, etc.  All selections need to be completed by framing, with some being prior to slab pour (plumbing, floor electrical outlets). 

Permitting Phase

Upon receipt of the approval by your ARB and the engineering and truss plans, we will submit your home for a building permit. This process takes about 1 month for approval. 

Construction Phase

Upon receipt of the permit, you will meet with our Project Manager at the site to review the lot and the placement of your new home. After that, construction begins and you are on your way to your new dream home!

Selections Process

You will have generous allowances included in your contract for the various items you will need to select. Upon making your selection for an item, pricing will be calculated and forwarded to you by our Contract Administrator. If you exceed your allowance, the additional amount due will be reflected. Upon your approval, this will be processed to our Controller for billing.

Construction Progress Payments

You will pay about 7 payments to us, based on a percentage of completion, which does not allow us to get ahead of you financially, during the construction phase, leaving about 10% for the final payment. Each payment is not disbursed to us without your lender inspecting the work for which we are requesting monies. The final payment is released by the lender based on your final approval for the house, and will be due at the time we present the keys to your new home!

What Our Customers Have Said

Having recently retired and moved to St. Johns, we enlisted North Florida Builders to build our retirement home. Prior to that, we had lived in preexisting homes, with the idea that building a home would be a dreadful experience. Jason White and his assistant, Teresa Wright, pleasantly surprised us by turning the endeavor into an exciting “adventure”, the outcome of which we have been both happy and proud. They were a great team with whom to work. We found Jason to be both a competent builder and a good communicator who personalizes his work, as well as his relationship with his customers. Teresa was most professional and patient in her approach to guiding us through the layers of decision-making required to make our home exactly what we had envisioned. Our relationship did not end there. Even after the closing, Jason and Teresa were there for us in making additional finishing touches. We are honestly proud of the work of North Florida Builders, the personal treatment we received, and of their commitment to our satisfaction.

Dr. and Ms. Bill E.

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